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Frequently Asked Questions About Permanent Placement Dumpsters

The old saying goes... There are no dumb questions.  Below you'll find a list of questions we get asked on a fairly regular basis.  Hopefully, the answers we provide will ease any confusion.  Don't hesitate to call or email us with your questions, concerns, or comments.

What is a permanent placement dumpster?

It is a dumpster that is at your residents or business and is used for household or business trash.

What is household or business trash?

Trash generated from your home or business.  Excluding construction, remodeling, etc..

What areas do we service?

We service most of Midland, Gratiot, Isabella, Clare, Gladwin, and Roscommon counties. Please call to check your address.

How often is my permanent placement dumpster dumped?

We can dump your dumpster, every other week, weekly, or 2 times in one week, based on your needs.

What can I put in my permanent placement dumpster?

Household or business trash.

What sizes of permanent placement dumpsters are available?

We offer dumpsters in 2, 4, 6, and 8 yards. For more information on the sizes look at our size page.

Can I change the size of my dumpster or how often it is dumped?

Yes, you can. Call us at 989-620-5787 and we can help you with any changes you might need.

What if I have other questions?

You can call us at 989-620-5787, email us, or fill out our inquiry form.
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