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Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan is a city close to our hearts. It is home to Central Michigan University; the alma mater to Discount Dumpster, LLC owner. Plus it sits right between our two locations (St. Louis and Harrison). We spend a lot of time in Mt. Pleasant and truly love this town.

Although it is fairly “small” compared to towns across the U.S., when comparing it to other cities in Central Michigan, it is actually one of the larger ones.

Besides the university, it is also home to one of the largest casinos in the Midwest, Soaring Eagle Casino. Those two places draw in a many individuals from all over, making the town feel much bigger than it actually is.

Mt. Pleasant has a lot to offer. The university and casino alone bring in numerous speakers, comedians and concerts. But the town itself has a ton going for it.

Below are a few events this city has that we, Discount Dumpster LLC, love and highly recommend that you check out:

Special Olympics Michigan – Summer months

The people, community and city of Mt. Pleasant support us. So go and visit Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and support them.

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